Selected press...

Prey for Rock & Roll

"A grungy, emotional look into the world of a struggling all-girl rock band fronted by the spectacular Gina Gershon."
Rolling Stone

"Gershon's hot-wired performance infuses "Prey for Rock and Roll"
with a bracing charge of authenticity."
NY Times

"The best damn rock and roll movie I've ever seen."

Chicago Tribune

"Propelled by a smashing perf from Gina Gershon, "Prey for Rock and Roll" emerges as an engaging, upbeat saga of an all-girl band on its way to nowhere in particular. Helmed by ace music supervisor Alex Steyermark and written by punk rocker Cheri Lovedog, pic feels authentic from first frame to last."

"Steyermark makes an assured directorial debut"
The Hollywood Reporter

"An electrifying, 1000 volt, raw film that pulls you in, jolts you and doesn't let go."

"Steyermark gets Gershon. "Prey for Rock and Roll" isn't a movie for girls who wanted to sleep with Jagger. It's for girls who wanted to be Jagger -- the ones who said, "I am the band."
Los Angeles Times

"One tough, smart, kick-ass movie."
Toronto Sun

"Directed with a fearless energy by Steyermark, the film's heart and soul remains the extraordinary Gershon, who manages to be funny, touching and sexy throughout. And she sings too, with power and grace."

"An exuberant celebration of the music life... Terrific performances, lots of obviously lived-through-this insight and terrific, hard-driving songs"
LA Daily News

"Simply Irresistible. Gershon gives one of her most powerful performances."
The Advocate

"Drea de Matteo is a goddess of cool. Lori Petty breaks your heart"
Film Comment

"PREY FOR ROCK & ROLL rocks hard, and it should with music supervisor Alex Steyermark (HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH, CROOKLYN, MALCOLM X, THE ICE STORM) as the film’s director. Steyermark distinguishes his directorial ability in this masterfully crafted first feature film exploring the Hollywood music scene from a seldom seen perspective – hers!"

"You can't take your eyes off of Gershon, who does her own singing, is fearless, and is mesmerizing throughout"
LA Weekly

"Gritty and vibrant, "Prey for Rock and Roll" truly rocks!"
East Bay Voice

"It has more in common with Thelma and Louise than Rock Star or Almost Famous."


One Last Thing...

“POIGNANT, TEARFUL AND LAUGH-OUT-LOUD FUNNY. It feels sure of every move thanks to a pitch-perfect script by Barry Stringfellow and the accomplished direction of Alex Steyermark. It gives American independent cinema a rich new respectability.”
Rex Reed, New York Observer

“It makes audiences feel that life is mysterious, wonderful and grand. The across-the-board strong performances indicate a sure directorial hand.”
Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

“MOVING, FUNNY, STARTLINGLY ORIGINAL. One of the year’s first great surprises and clearly one of its best films.”
Jim Svejda CBS Radio

“Director Steyermark gets great performances from Michael Angarano and Sunny Mabrey. They bring something special to the proceedings and make it work.”
Luke Y. Thomson, Village Voice

“Intelligently-directed and gives a refreshing new take on a familiar premise. Tender and touching”
Jefffrey Lyons, NBC Reel Talk

Propelled by Michael Angarano's funny, nuanced performance and Barry Stringfellow's virtuoso script, "One Last Thing" is an irresistible mix of pathos, adolescent anarchy and occasionally raunchy laughs... a rarified form of magical realism."
John Anderson, New York Newsday

It's funny, it's tragic, it's sweet, it moves at a brisk clip, and it closes the curtain precisely when it ought to... It would have been so easy for "One Last Thing..." to wallow in obvious sentimentality or opportunistic schmaltz, but instead it's a slyly intelligent, deeply moving, and warmly appealing little movie."
Scott Weinberg, eFilm Critic

“UNFORGETTABLE. Don’t miss this thing.”
Stuart Lee, WNYX TV

"Nixon shows yet again how, without any Eleanor Roosevelt prosthetics or "Sex and the City" glam, she is one of the best."
Stephen Schaefer, Boston Herald

"One Last Thing is remarkably touching if you can manage to leave your cynical viewing self at the door. It is a quiet film that roars..."
Emily Blunt, Blunt Review